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At Fortuny Legal we firmly believe that the culture of Compliance cannot and must not be vertical. For an organization to comply, their people have to comply. And to do so they must know the ethical and compliance culture of the company. Our experience shows us by far the virtues of gamification in the adoption and internalization of a firm’s ethical code, which is why we believe that it is most appropriate to present our ethical code as follows:

At Fortuny Legal, in line with our Code of Ethics, we provide a secure, two-way whistleblowing channel that serves as an instrument for reporting the commission or risk of commission of criminal offences, irregularities and breaches of serious or very serious administrative regulations, as well as internal or external regulations related to the organisation’s activities. We guarantee the confidentiality of reports made through this channel and that the sender will be protected against any attempt at retaliation.

Our whistleblowing channel

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Specialists in Compliance and Corporate Criminal Defense. Prevention, reaction, training. Members of the Experts Committee that transposes ISO 37301 of CMS, and of the Board of Directors of the Association of Compliance Professionals (Cumplen).



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